You could go to a big box sporting good store, buy an inexpensive pair of running shoes and start your training regimen. Many of people do just that, but what if you get an experienced runner to set you up for success? That’s exactly what you can do at one of these Austin running stores.

They’ll hook you up with the shoes and running gear that is right for you. And they’ll impart their knowledge gained over many miles ran and many customers assisted. Whether you’re an experienced runner itching to buy your next pair of shoes or you’re a couch potato who wants to slim down and be a little healthier, the folks at these Austin running stores can get you moving.


Rogue Running


Rogue Running began as a training program in 2004 but over the years has developed into much more. Their first specialty store opened in east Austin in 2008 (which has since moved downtown), and their second opened in Cedar Park in 2011.   

Sure, they can sell you a bunch of equipment that would make running fun for you, but their bread and butter is fitting customers to the right shoes. “It is our belief that a running shoe that fits and feels in such a way that it almost disappears on the foot, that it feels like an extension of your foot or that is intuitively most comfortable will be the shoe that benefits you the most,” the folks a Rogue Running say.

After all, you’re not going to run in an ill-fitting shoe. That’s why they analyze how you run and how your foot is shaped to put you in shoes you’ll feel good wearing.


Luke’s Locker


For people who have moved to Austin from other parts of Texas, Luke’s Locker may be a familiar name. The company started in Dallas, and has several stores in both the Metroplex and the Houston areas. The Austin location is downtown.

Luke’s prides itself on four things they think they do better than anyone else. First, they offer the best products for runners and fitness buffs. Second, they give superior customer service and product knowledge tailored to each individual customer. Third, their stores are are warm, friendly and enjoyable. Fourth, they “provide the best training programs, events and overall community participation to advance health and wellness.”

Sure they started in Dallas, but we Austinites can be charitable and overlook that.


Ready to Run


Sadly, RunTex is no longer in business. But what if a couple of former RunTex staffers struck out on their own to create a running store? Well, that actually happened when Ready to Run opened its doors on Far West Boulevard.

Track coach Scott Hippensteel and road racer Ryan Hess both had tours of duty with RunTex. Along with Scott’s wife Karla, these three own Ready to Run. Karla considers herself a social runner, but the guys are more hardcore about it. Coming alongside them is board certified pedorthist Bill Stone who can apply his years of shoe fitting experience to your gait and feet. Stone also has his own orthotic company called Foundations Footwear, Inc.

These folks want you to experience the same joys they have in running. Their mission is “to provide, enhance, and grow the running and fitness community through top of the line product education and performance.” How can you go wrong with that!?