Round Rock gets a bum rap for being Austin’s square neighbor. But just because Austin is weird and Round Rock is more straight-laced doesn’t mean the area’s biggest suburb isn’t worth a visit. On the contrary, there are plenty of great things to do in Round Rock. Here are just a few of the many things that can fill up your day trip itinerary.


round rock donuts

1. Orange donuts

If you went into any old donut shop, you’d think there was something wrong with orange donuts. But when they’re all that color, they must be doing it on purpose. At Round Rock Donuts, their oddly tinged pastries have been satisfying customers since 1926.

If you want to slip into a sugar coma, try their Texas sized donut. You could try to finish it all by yourself, but you really shouldn’t. You’ll want to … but don’t. They want you to leave happy, not regretful.

Now that we have breakfast covered, let’s move onto more great things to do in Round Rock.


Round Rock Sports Center

2. Parks, parks and more parks

Round Rock bills itself as the Sports Capital of Texas. With as many parks and athletic facilities as the city has, it’s easy to see why the moniker fits. With ample space for competitive and recreational outdoor sports, Round Rock is a frequent host to youth and adult tournaments.

The crown jewel of parks and recreation facilities has to be Round Rock Sports Center. This facility boasts 82,000 square feet, 47,775 of it in flexible playing space. Think of any obscure sport, and you can probably play it in Round Rock Sports Center.

Badminton? Dodgeball? Fencing? Yes, yes, and yes!



3. The best game day experience in minor league baseball

You’ve probably heard of the Dell Diamond, home to the Round Rock Express. What you might not know is that the Round Rock Express is one of the best run minor league baseball franchises in the nation.

Despite having their best players sometimes called up to the Texas Rangers from time to time, the Express remain competitive. Beyond that, other minor league clubs look to the Express as a model for business savvy and incredible game day experiences.

All minor league parks are small, so every seat is a good seat. But the Express go even further to please their fans. A rock climbing structure, a swimming pool and chef-inspired food are just some of the cool things waiting for you at the Dell Diamond.


4. A never ending furniture store

If you’ve ever been to the Ikea store in Round Rock, you know it can be a day trip all to itself. Why do you think they have a cafeteria halfway through the store?

The Swedish furniture and housewares company puts a lot of thought into their store layout. From winding main path that takes you past every single item in the store to the shortcuts that help staff and veteran shoppers move quickly through the sprawling space, the folks at Ikea know how to get you to spend money.

Hang onto your wallets! You might walk out with an entirely new look for your house.


Jack Allen's Kitchen Round Rock

5. Your favorite Austin restaurants are here, too

Austin boast many restaurant chains that started as single-location restaurants in the Live Music Capital of the World. When these colossal successes were just fledgling eateries looking to add another location or two, they planted their expansions in Austin’s suburbs.

This means you don’t have to fight Austin traffic to eat your favorite Austin meals. Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Chuy’s, The Salt Lick, Mighty Fine, Torchy’s Tacos, Kerbey Lane Cafe and Hopdoddy Burger Bar have all set up shop in Round Rock.