About Pulsr

We love the digital world as much as the next group of people, but we think technology should be used to enhance our lives, not replace them. That’s why we built Pulsr.



Pulsr splashWhat is Pulsr?

Pulsr is a social discovery application meant to answer the age-old question “What should we do tonight?” By leveraging our large database of events and local businesses, and creating new channels for ambient social dialogue, Pulsr is an invaluable tool in leading a vibrant social life; thereby empowering people to get up and get out.

Pulsr consists of two primary pages: Explore and Pulse.



Pulsr ExploreExplore

The Explore page is a personalized list of recommendations for events, locations and activities.

Pulsr gets to know you and what you like. We make these recommendations based on events you’ve liked, what you’ve done in the past and the buzz around town on social media.



Pulsr PulsePulse

The Pulse page is an overview of the nearby ambient social dialogue. If you’re curious who’s saying what in other parts of town, simply zoom over in the map to see.

By combining posts made in Pulsr with posts from Twitter and Instagram, you get a complete picture of what’s going on around you.



Pulsr MoreMuch More!

We’d love to get into every detail of the app here, but that would spoil the surprise. Suffice to say, Pulsr aims to be your go-to “going out” app, and we think you’ll love it.

For more details about the app as we close in on the launch date, scroll down and sign up for the Pulsr mailing list.