Summer in Texas can be brutal. The best way to spend time outdoors is to go for a swim or take a kayak for ride. However, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you might want something a little more thrilling. If you’re craving an epic aquatic adventure, consult this guide for the best extreme water sports in the Austin area.


Water Skiing

Water Skiing Austin

If you’d like a rush, but not challenge, water skiing is a fun gateway activity. Take control of the water as you glide along the waves. Water skiing can be easy to learn and budget-friendly. There are a variety of water skiing opportunities in Austin and the top four experiences are great for all ages.

Ski Austin is a full-service Water Ski School and offers sunrise sessions on Lake Austin.

Water Ski Lake Austin is a boating school that offers water ski lessons on Lake Austin.

Float On is a boat rental service on Lake Austin. Packages include ski boats with captains who double as ski instructors.

Keep Austin Wet is also a boat rental service on Lake Austin that offers ski boats with water sports equipment.


Wake Boarding and Wake Surfing 

Wake boarding Austin

If you’d like to take your adventure to the next level, try wake boarding and wake surfing. Both water sports involve being towed behind a boat like skiing, but both feet are on the same board. The difference between the two is that in wakeboarding, the rider holds the line throughout trip. Wake surfers release the line and ride out the waves like a surfer.

Austin is home to many cable parks and surf parks that cater to wake boarders and wake surfers. Some parks are designed similar to skate parks and feature obstacles to jump over.

Freeride WakeSports is a world-class water sports school and offers classes for wake boarding, wake surfing and water skiing.

Quest ATX is a cable park that offers beginner and intermediate wake boarding classes, rentals and daily passes.

Shred Stixx Wakesurf is a premiere wake surfing school on Lake Austin.

Float On is a boat rental service on Lake Austin. Packages include ski boats with captains who double as wakeboard instructors.

Next Level Ride is a wake boarding cable park that offers daily passes and should reopen soon.



Flyboarding Austin

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a dolphin, take a ride on a Flyboard. The apparatus can be compared to a flying skateboard or a water-propelled wakeboard. Flyboards require a jet ski to propel them and you balance on the board while water is propelled below your feet.

Experience the magic of hovering nearly 40 feet above water and then dive in and out. There are four top Flyboarding experiences in Austin that offer training sessions and rentals.

Fly Lake Austin offers Flyboarding and Jetovator experiences on Lake Austin. The Jetovator is a similar apparatus, but the water is propelled from both hands and feet.  

Austin Flyboard offers beginner, intermediate and expert Flyboarding experiences at Lake Travis.

AquaFly offers Flyboarding lessons with Jetblade equipment on Lake Travis. The Jetblade features a split-board design and fully independent foot motion which makes it easier for beginners.

ATX Watersports offers Flyboarding sessions on Lake Austin, Lake Travis and Lake Georgetown.



Surfing Austin

If you’ve always dreamed of catching a wave, NLand Surf Park will make your aquatic aspirations a reality. The enormous lagoon will be roughly the size of nine football fields and will generate up to six-foot waves. You’ll learn what it’s like to hang 10 without needing the ocean.

NLand Surf Park will be the only inland surfing destination in North America and will give Austinites the opportunity to learn how to surf. The complex is scheduled to open in 2016, pending settlement with the city.



Are you ready to get extreme?