We Austinites really love our town. Like, in that “If you love it so much why don’t you marry it?” kind of way. This, thankfully, makes us exceptionally easy to shop for since we have no shortage of creative business folks who make their livings selling Austin-themed gift items. You can find something thoughtful for the Austinite (or the wannabe Austinite) on your list in any number of shops around town. Here are some of the most popular items.

The products at South Austin Gallery

If you’ve shopped in almost any gift shop in town, you have seen South Austin Gallery’s work. This is the company that creates the coasters, cutting boards and magnets of many classic Austin scenes including the neon sign at the Continental Club and the graffitied “Greetings from Austin” wall on South First Street. They also have new classics to choose from like the stormtrooper graffiti and Franklin BBQ’s sign.

With more than 100 photos to choose from, you surely can find a coaster or cutting board that will be meaningful to your recipient. This year, they also offer some of their designs on Christmas tree ornaments! You can order them straight from their website for only $12.50. You really can’t go wrong!

Mouthwatering food from The Salt Lick BBQ

Do you know an Austinite living in exile this Christmas season? It can’t be easy for them to be separated from our barbecue at this special time of year, but thanks to The Salt Lick, they don’t have to suffer any longer!

Click over to The Salt Lick online and choose the Order Online option. You can show your loved ones how much you really care by sending them a brisket, a rack of ribs or one of their yummy smoked turkey breasts. Or if you really love them, don’t make them choose. Order “The Ranch” to send them one of everything!

There are several options and things to consider when placing your order, so look carefully at the information on their ordering page. But really, if a brisket doesn’t say “Merry Christmas,” what does?

Anything and everything UT Longhorns

Seriously, you can have just about anything with a UT logo on it. For the easiest shopping (if not parking) head down to University Co-op on Guadalupe Street next to the University. To start with, you’ll find an enormous selection of UT shirts — from t-shirts to some pretty swanky button ups. For the more advanced for UT fans, you can pick up a pair of gameday cowboy boots, a purse, slippers or a TexasOpoly game. Now if you’ve got a Jedi-level UT fan on your list, they have a UT/Yoda pint glass. I bet you didn’t know that was exactly what you were looking for, did you?

The UT campus area is not quite so bad with a lot of the students gone for the Christmas break by now, but nobody would blame you if you don’t want to navigate those weird streets and spend thirty minutes finding a parking spot with all the other things on your to-do list this week. Did you just pass any random gift shop in Austin? Turn around and go in. They will certainly have something UT themed on their shelves!

Or if you’re reading this on Christmas Eve and you’re desperate, Walgreen’s and Wal-mart also carry UT t-shirts year-round. But wouldn’t you rather plan ahead and shop local?

Kendra Scott Jewelry

Yes, Kendra is famous worldwide now for those colorful, enormous dangly earrings that pretty much every woman has in her jewelry box now. You have definitely seen them if you watch any woman doing any newscast at all! But did you know that she’s from Austin and her flagship store is right here on South Congress?

They have all sorts of gorgeous offerings, not all of them quite as large a statement as the ever popular earrings, so you should be able to find something to please just about any woman’s taste. She also has great coordinating pieces, so you can make one stop and have two (or more!) gifts taken care of when you buy earrings and the bracelet that goes with them!

Locally, you can shop in-store at three different locations. The flagship store, as mentioned is on South Congress. She also has locations on Lamar Boulevard and at the Domain. As a bonus, if your birthday happens to be in December, you can score any item in the store for 50% off. You’ll look like a bigger spender than you really are!